Enterprise information architectures (EIAs), interoperability frameworks, maturity models uma revisão de literatura

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Jeanne L. Emygdio


This article aims to present a literature review about enterprise information architectures (EIAs) designed in the last five decades and the most relevant interoperability frameworks that followed them, applied to the business, governmental, industrial, and military defense scopes. It was sought to know the particularities of each solution and the strategies adopted to enable the exchange of data, information, and knowledge in critical domains for society, from its intermediary. In summary, 31 interoperability frameworks and 28 related maturity models were identified. The review presented here is an integral part of doctoral research carried out in the field of Information Science that investigated ontology-oriented semantic interoperability in a case study in the energy domain. The article begins a series of publications where it is intended to discuss the contributions that can come from the adoption of formal ontologies for the design of well-founded ontological frameworks in contrast to the solutions investigated in this review.


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Emygdio, J. L. (2023). Enterprise information architectures (EIAs), interoperability frameworks, maturity models: uma revisão de literatura. Advances of Knowlegde Representation, 3(1), 96–117. Retrieved from https://periodicos.ufmg.br/index.php/fronteiras-rc/article/view/40412
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Jeanne L. Emygdio, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

Ph.D. student in Information Science, Federal University of Belo Horizonte - UFMG. Master in Development, Technologies and Society by UNIFEI-Itajubá. Specialist in Software Production with an emphasis in Free Software by UFLA-Lavras, in Analysis, Project and Systems Management by PUC-Minas-Poços de Caldas and in Instructional Design for Virtual EAD by UNIFEI-Itajubá. Technologist in Data Processing by FUMEC University of Belo Horizonte. Areas of practice: Formal Ontologies, Information Systems; Software Engineering; Database, Systems development; Implementation and Management of ERPs; Linux Server Administration; Integration of technology platforms and systems; Coordination and development of projects promoted by public agencies such as FAPEMIG and SEBRAE. Experience as an interdisciplinary scientific researcher in the areas of Development and Technologies (UNIFEI) and Management and Technologies of Information and Communication (UFMG / CAPES - in progress).