Applying the Model Driven Architecture Approach for Geographic Database Design using a UML Profile and ISO Standards


  • Filipe Ribeiro Nalon UFV, Prodabel
  • Jugurta Lisboa Filho UFV
  • José Luís Braga UFV
  • Karla Albuquerque de Vasconcelos Borges PRODABEL
  • Marcus Vinícius Alvim Andrade UFV


Database modeling, Geographic Information Systems, ISO/TC 211, MDA, UML Profile


In the last 20 years, several conceptual data models specific for Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
have been proposed. However, so far there isn’t a consensus model, which has generated several problems for the
GIS area, such as the lack of interoperability among CASE tools that give support to these models. A UML profile,
called GeoProfile, was proposed to standardize the task of geographical data modeling. The GeoProfile was
designed based on the main models for geographic database in the literature, seeking to support some requirements
for geographic applications modeling. This paper describes the use of Model Driven Architecture approach (MDA)
in the design of geographic databases, using the GeoProfile aligned with international standards of ISO 19100
series. The paper also shows that with the automatic transformation of models is possible from a conceptual scheme
with a high level of abstraction to achieve the generation of scripts for spatial databases.


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