World Cups Impact Analysis in the Soccer Players Transaction and Soccer Globalization using Complex Network Techniques


  • Antonio Pedro Santos Alves
  • Lucas Gabriel Silva Félix
  • Carlos Magno Barbosa
  • Vitor Elisiário Carmo
  • Vinícius Da Fonseca Vieira
  • Carolina Ribeiro Xavier UFSJ


In this work we propose an analysis of the world cup relationship with the transfer of soccer players and a quantitative evaluation of theories that associate globalization with this player transfer market. For this analysis, networks are generated for periods that precede each world cup since 1966, and the effects of the event through the relation of the network of transfers and the best placed of each edition were evaluated. We also investigated sociological theories that associate globalization with the transfer network in soccer, being able to show through quantitative data the hypotheses raised, besides being able to renew these proposals showing the rise of new markets, such as those from Asia. In order to carry out the analyzes, complex networks and data mining techniques were combined and this evaluation showed that countries that do many transactions do not necessarily perform well in the world cups. However, part of the countries involved with a large number of transfers can have a good performance, finishing the event in good positions.


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