Using a Foundational Ontology for Reengineering a Software Process Ontology


  • Ana Christina de Oliveira Bringuente Federal University of Espírito Santo
  • Ricardo de Almeida Falbo Federal University of Espírito Santo
  • Giancarlo Guizzardi Federal University of Espírito Santo


Software Process, Domain Ontology, Foundational Ontology, Ontology Reengineering, Unified Foundational Ontology


During project planning, knowledge about software processes is useful in several situations: software processes are defined, activities are scheduled, and people are allocated to these activities. In this context, standard software processes are used as basis for defining project processes, and tools are used to support scheduling, people allocation, and so on. Ideally, people and tools should share a common conceptualization regarding this domain for allowing interoperability, and correct use of the tools. A domain ontology can be used to define an explicit representation of this shared conceptualization. Moreover, for a domain ontology to adequately serve as a reference model, it should be built explicitly taking foundational concepts into account. This paper discusses the reengineering of part of a Software Process Ontology based on the Unified Foundational Ontology (UFO). The part reengineered concerns standard processes, project processes, and activities, which are analyzed at the light of UFO concepts.


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