Adaptive Virtual Partitioning for OLAP Query Processing in a Database Cluster


  • Alexandre A. B. Lima COPPE/UFRJ
  • Marta Mattoso COPPE/UFRJ
  • Patrick Valduriez INRIA and LIRMM, Montpellier


OLAP queries are typically heavy-weight and ad-hoc thus requiring high storage capacity and processing
power. In this paper, we address this problem using a database cluster which we see as a cost-effective alternative to a
tightly-coupled multiprocessor. We propose a solution to efficient OLAP query processing using a simple data parallel
processing technique called adaptive virtual partitioning which dynamically tunes partition sizes, without requiring any
knowledge about the database and the DBMS. To validate our solution, we implemented a Java prototype on a 32 node
cluster system and ran experiments with typical queries of the TPC-H benchmark. The results show that our solution
yields linear, and sometimes super-linear, speedup. In many cases, it outperforms traditional virtual partitioning by
factors superior to 10.


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