Data Driven Research at LIS: the Laboratory of Information Systems at UNICAMP


  • Claudia Bauzer Medeiros Institute of Computing, UNICAMP
  • André Santanchè Institute of Computing, UNICAMP
  • Edmundo R. M. Madeira Institute of Computing, UNICAMP
  • Eliane Martins Institute of Computing, UNICAMP
  • Geovane C. Magalhâes Institute of Computing, UNICAMP
  • Maria Cecilia C. Baranauskas Institute of Computing, UNICAMP
  • Neucimar J. Leite Institute of Computing, UNICAMP
  • Ricardo da S. Torres Institute of Computing, UNICAMP


Data-intensive computing, GIS, Multidisciplinary research, Scientific data management


This article presents an overview of the research conducted at the Laboratory of Information Systems (LIS) at the Institute of Computing, UNICAMP. Its creation, in 1994, was motivated by the need to support data-driven research within multidisciplinary projects involving computer scientists and scientists from other fields. Throughout the years, it has housed projects in many domains - in agriculture, biodiversity, medicine, health, bioinformatics, urban planning, telecommunications, and sports - with scientific results in these fields and in Computer Science, with emphasis in data management, integrating research on databases, image processing, human-computer interfaces, software engineering and computer networks.  The research  produced 14 PhD theses, 70 MSc dissertations,  40+ journal papers and 200+ conference papers, having been assisted by over 80 undergraduate student  scholarships. Several of these results were obtained through cooperation with many Brazilian universities and research centers, as well as groups in Canada, USA,  France, Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal. The authors of this article are faculty at the Institute whose students developed their MSc or PhD research in the lab. For additional details, online systems, papers and reports, see and


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