Three Decades of Research on Database Design at PUC-Rio

  • Marco Antonio Casanova PUC-Rio
  • Simone D.J. Barbosa PUC-Rio
  • Karin K. Breitman PUC-Rio
  • Antonio L. Furtado PUC-Rio
Keywords: database design, relational model, entity-relationship model, RDF, Description Logics, semiotics


Research on database design at PUC-Rio dates back to the late seventies and covers a broad range of topics, from the early development of the relational model to recent applications of semiotic concepts to the design and specification of information systems. This paper briefly reviews some of the major contributions of the group, from the perspective of the authors. It organizes the contributions according to the data model or to the underlying disciplines that they are based on. Within each section, the presentation follows a chronological order as much as possible.