Aesthetic perception analysis of the smile by professors of the dentistry course of Universidade do Estado do Amazonas


  • Kathleen Eskarleth Branco Martins Universidade do Estado do Amazonas
  • Cristiano Pires e Silva Universidade do Estado do Amazonas
  • Ordilei Arruda Malaspina Universidade do Estado do Amazonas



Smiling, Esthetics dental


Aim: To compare the opinions of the professors of the Dentistry course regarding the following specialties: Dentistry, Periodontics, Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics and Bucco-maxillo-facial Surgery and Traumatology regarding the aesthetic perception of the smile and the standard Diagrams of Dental Aesthetic References (DDAR).

Methods: Data collection was carried out within the School of Dentistry of the State University of Amazonas (UEA), in the city of Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, using a questionnaire. This study evaluated 42 teachers, seven from each specialty, who analyzed 12 color photographs of frontal smiles, and scored them from 0 to 10, where 0 was the least aesthetic and 10 was the most aesthetic. The Intraclass Correlation Coefficient test (ICC), two-way mixed test and Kruskal-Wallis test were applied.

Results: It was found that 88.9% of those evaluated showed agreement in the results as regards the consensus of their specialty group. However, when compared individually, 47.6% of the teachers did not obtain any correlation, while 23.8% of them presented a correlation that can be attributed to chance. The specialty that had the greatest discrepancy among the examiners and the template was Orthodontics, at 87.5%.

Conclusion: Thus, it is remarkable that professors from the same specialty showed relative agreement, but when the assertiveness of the evaluators was analyzed individually, an extremely low correlation was found. It is also possible to assume that after evaluation among the specialties, the group that showed the highest statistical discrepancy in comparison to the DDAR was the Orthodontic specialty.



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