Between Reception and Reflection

Notes for a Current Epistemological Evaluation around Whiggism and Presentism in Guillermo Boido’s Historiographical Proposal


  • Marcela Renée Becerra Batán National University of San Luis - UNSL



Historiography of Science, Guillermo Boido, Whiggism, Presentism, Historical Epistemology


In this work, I propose some notes for a current epistemological evaluation around Whiggism and presentism in the historiographical proposal of Guillermo Boido (1941-2013). In the first place, I will locate the topic proposed in the shared framework from the “Colloquium of Historiography of Science in Latin America (Argentina – Brazil – Uruguay): Reception, Reflection and Production.” Second, I will refer to some aspects of Boido’s academic career and I will place him in what I identify as a “second stage” of the history of science in Argentina. Third, I will dwell on some of Boido’s writings, particularly on those in which he addresses the questions of Whiggism and presentism. Fourth, I will recover some elements on the treatment of these issues in recent works carried out from the perspective of historical epistemology. Finally, in conclusion, I will propose a current epistemological evaluation of Whiggism and presentism between reception and reflection; an evaluation oriented to sustain a “critical” (Loison 2016) and “pluralist” (Chang 2021) presentism, in the face of the epistemological, ethical and political challenges of our current days.


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Becerra Batán, Marcela Renée. 2021. “Between Reception and Reflection: Notes for a Current Epistemological Evaluation Around Whiggism and Presentism in Guillermo Boido’s Historiographical Proposal”. Transversal: International Journal for the Historiography of Science, no. 11 (December).