The Early Days of the History of Science in Uruguay

Its First Courses and Practitioners


  • María Laura Martínez



History of Science in Uruguay, First Half of the Twentieth Century, School of Humanities and Sciences, Eduardo García de Zúñiga, Paul Schurmann, Desiderio Papp


In this article, I provide an initial approximation to the establishment and the early stages of the history of science in Uruguay. To do so, I focus on the first courses on the subject dictated in Uruguay and the first figures—both local and foreign—that took part in the process. With this objective, first, I examine the introduction of the discipline into the Río de la Plata—and into Argentina more particularly—via the arrival of European historians. I then analyze the role played by some of the first most significant figures in the history of science in Uruguay in the second quarter of the twentieth century. Finally, I explore and briefly describe the first courses dictated at the Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias (School of Humanities and Sciences) of the Universidad de la República (University of the Republic) during the mid-twentieth century.


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Martínez, María Laura. 2021. “The Early Days of the History of Science in Uruguay: Its First Courses and Practitioners”. Transversal: International Journal for the Historiography of Science, no. 11 (December).