The Place of History in the History of Science

Notes for Reflections in the Brazilian Context


  • Andrea Mara Ribeiro da Silva Vieira Federal University of Minas Gerais



History of Science, Absent Historians, Brazilian Historiography of Science, Public Policies for History of Science


This article aims to reflect on the place of history in the history of science from the perspective of Brazilian historiography of science, mainly according to the thought of the Brazilian physicist and historian of science, Carlos Alvarez Maia. Since the 1990s, Maia (2013) began to question why the history of science became (and still largely remains) a “history of absent historians” in the face of the predominance of history of science in the Natural Science Departments and the absence in History Departments. The dynamic and changing historiography of science itself reaffirms the lack of historical analyses using history’s methodological and conceptual apparatus. Thus, epistemological aspects appear interrelated to political-institutional issues. Consequently, one has a political-epistemological perspective for discussing the place – or non-place – of history in the history of science. The thought of Maia (2013) acts as an essential starting point for reflection. It constitutes a possible opening in constructing a consolidation of discussions about the impacts (of the absence and the presence of the conceptual apparatus of history) in developing new historiography of science conceptually historical.


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Vieira, Andrea Mara Ribeiro da Silva. 2021. “The Place of History in the History of Science: Notes for Reflections in the Brazilian Context”. Transversal: International Journal for the Historiography of Science, no. 11 (December).