Domain modeling in conceptual maps contributions of Dahlberg

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Benildes Maculan
Maristela Sanches Lima Mesquita


Dahlberg made several contributions to the field of knowledge organization, notably developing Concept Analytic Theory and establishing a set of categories that group and structure the representative concepts of a given domain. In this study, we highlight the concept of discourse community for domain analysis and present the theoretical foundations and principles of Concept Analytic Theory and Dahlberg's categories for the construction of concept map-like knowledge organization systems. As a product of the application of these principles, we have elaborated a map for the thematic area of homeopathic knowledge, in particular the representation of the use of high dilutions in formulations used in agriculture.  The methodology is characterized as exploratory, descriptive and applied, with a qualitative approach, using a methodological proposal of concept map construction based on the proposals of Gonçalves (2010), Moraes (2014) and Moresi et al. (2019), supported by terminographic procedures. As a result, it is expected to provide subsidies for the modeling of domains in the form of concept maps, strengthening the use of this artifact in the elucidation of concepts and their relationships in different contexts.


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Maculan, B., & Mesquita, M. S. L. (2023). Domain modeling in conceptual maps: contributions of Dahlberg. Frontiers of Knowlegde Representation, 3(2), 178–200. Retrieved from
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