Information For Authors

The Journal welcomes submissions whose focus lies at the intersection knowlegde Representation and Ontologies.

Authors should consider how their work advances our empirical, contextual, conceptual, computational, and ontological understandings of knowlege representation processes. Submissions should adhere to the highest standards of scholarly and scientific rigor relative to the approach taken. Submissions must also be situated in or connected to the literatures that inform the Journal’s readers.

Submissions must follow FKR’s Author Guidelines to ensure that our reviewers receive properly formatted and focused manuscripts.

The Journal welcomes submissions reporting on a wide range of scholarly domains. In addition, FKR  values the breadth of scholarly empirical approaches that include related disciplines of Knowledge Representation and Ontologies.

The Journal welcomes submissions focused on methodological innovations since they demonstrate how the proposed method is unique and significant. The Journal welcomes empirical studies of specific tools or techniques so long as the scope extends beyond a single software or narrowly defined technique.

Please read these guidelines as FKR’s expectations may differ from those of other publishing venues. Authors are responsible for complying with these guidelines and submission requirements. Non-compliant submissions will be returned.