Suggestion for Teaching Science as a Pluralist Enterprise


  • Antonino Drago retired University of Naples Federico II



Two Dichotomies, Four Models of Scientific Theory, Incommensurability, Radical Variation of Meaning, Suggestion for a New Didactic of Pluralist Nature


The change in the organization of science education over the past fifty years is quickly recalled. Being its cultural bound the lack of a conception of the foundation of science, the multiple innovations have resulted as temporary improvements without a clear direction, apart from the technocratic goal of an automation of learning processes. The discovery of two dichotomies as the foundations of science suggests a pluralist conception of science, and hence the need to entirely renew science education, in particular by introducing the notions of incommensurability and radical variations in meaning of the basic notions. This change was already anticipated by several proposals within each subject-matter.


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Drago, Antonino. 2018. “Suggestion for Teaching Science As a Pluralist Enterprise”. Transversal: International Journal for the Historiography of Science, no. 5 (December).