Some Remarks on the History of the Introduction of Alexandre Koyré in Brazil


  • Marlon Salomon Federal University of Goiás - UFG



Alexandre Koyré, Cultural Appropriation, French Epistemology, Circulation of Ideas, Historical Epistemology, Internalism versus Externalism


This article intends to briefly reconstitute the history of the introduction of Alexandre Koyré’s work in Brazil. I do not seek to make a general analysis but just to focus on two pathways by means of which his work was introduced in this country. I endeavor to reconstitute the history of the translation of his books into Portuguese and identify the main vectors and intellectual contexts responsible for his works’ acclimatation in Brazil. Those two pathways roughly correspond to two distinct geographies and intellectual cartographies; in Rio de Janeiro, interest in his work stemmed from the introduction of French epistemological thinking in the wake of philosophers’ readings Louis Althusser’s works after the 1960s; in São Paulo, it was linked to university institutionalization of the history of science, starting in the late 1950s, initially promoted by scientists. That history enables an understanding of the major lines and forms that the history of science assumed in Brazil. Furthermore, the study permits the comprehension of the logic of the international circulation of ideas and the history of the translation of human sciences books as forms of cultural appropriation.


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Salomon, Marlon. 2021. “Some Remarks on the History of the Introduction of Alexandre Koyré in Brazil”. Transversal: International Journal for the Historiography of Science, no. 11 (December).

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