Rabbis Versus Harmful Mice

Two Talmudic Stories on Rabbi Pinhas Ben Yair Capability of Controlling Mice


  • Abraham Ofir Shemesh




Talmudic Stories, Mice, Pest


This study discusses two stories in Jerusalem Talmud on R. Pinḥhas ben Yair who controls mice and forces them to gather in one place and to do his wishes. The two stories have in common their demonstration of the learned sage’s power to utilize miracles to deal with a harmful animal, thereby saving the people. The "decree" issued by R. Pinḥas ben Yair is permissible kind of ḥover ḥaver as it operates within the framework of Jewish rules and does not contain forbidden supernatural elements customary in the pagan world.


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Biografia do Autor

Abraham Ofir Shemesh


Prof. Abraham Ofir Shemesh,  Ph.D
 Chairman, Israel Heritage Department
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Ariel University
P.O.B. 3,  Ariel 40700


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