Call for submissions

Per Musi announces the Thematic Session "Biographical Approaches in Music Research," stemming from a seminar of the same name held in September 2023 by the VIOrizontes group - violonistic artistic research - and the Graduate Program in Music at UFMG. As is known, academic research in Music often encounters the complex interplay between life and work, a terrain where the biographical dimension tends to emerge as part of the research object's approach. However, the genre of biography is surrounded by controversies both for the oppositions it highlights (truth/fiction, individual trajectory/social context, freedom/determinism, among others) and for questioning its relevance as a resource for configuring and understanding an object. Furthermore, the issue of the peculiarities of biographical writing concerning other forms of narrative, as well as its compatibility with academic prose, arises. Therefore, aiming to foster reflection on this theme, the Editorial Board will accept original texts discussing, for example, the various theoretical aspects involved in biographical approaches and the possible specificities of biography in the musical field, including the submission of consistent research reports in music that have employed the biographical approach. Proposals must be submitted by August 31, 2024, and must strictly follow Per Musi's submission guidelines.


Guest-Editors: Prof. Dr. Flavio Barbeitas (UFMG) and Pq. Dr. Ines Loureiro (Post-doctoral Resident/ UFMG)


Per Musi regularly publishes an annual continous publishing issue, with articles in the General Topics, which will be published as the evaluation process of each article is completed. This continuous publishing also applies to thematic sessions. This process goes through several stages, such as format review (initial control of the guidelines and layout of the submitted text), assignment to an associate editor or guest editor (when applicable), assignment and review by double-blind reviewers, text editing that includes analysis of plagiarism software (sector of the Flausino Vale Library) and editing.

Calls for vol.25 (2024) General Topics are now open