Reading Science, Technology and Education: A Tradition Dating back to Science into the History and Historiography

  • Raffaele Pisano Lille 3 University, Lille
  • Rémi Franckowiak
  • Abdelakader Anakkar


In this paper, we present an interdisciplinary discussion on the relations between ScienceTechnology Education and Culture both historical standpoint and nowadays. The idea that a human mind can produce an intellectual revolution within science and its approaches (methods and methodologies also integrated with contradictions and criticisms) strongly crossed like a paradigm both in the history of sciences and disciplines–literatures (reasoning, early enlightenment, positivism, etc.): but what about its social impact and science mission, as well? To describe the impact of the disseminated knowledge is a consequent aim. A case study on energy conceptualization and its exhibitions in Society in Context is discussed; their correlations with education (pedagogical aspects included), science–techniques, industry and social impacts are discussed, as well. 


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Author Biography

Raffaele Pisano, Lille 3 University, Lille

Full Professor

Charles-de-Gaulle - Lille 3 University, Lille, FRANCE