Reading Science, Technology and Education

A Tradition Dating back to Science into the History and Historiography


  • Raffaele Pisano Lille 3 University, Lille
  • Rémi Franckowiak
  • Abdelakader Anakkar



Science in Context, NoS–Science Education, Cultural Mediation, Popularization of Science and Technique, Energy Conceptualization


In this paper, we present an interdisciplinary discussion on the relations between ScienceTechnology Education and Culture both historical standpoint and nowadays. The idea that a human mind can produce an intellectual revolution within science and its approaches (methods and methodologies also integrated with contradictions and criticisms) strongly crossed like a paradigm both in the history of sciences and disciplines–literatures (reasoning, early enlightenment, positivism, etc.): but what about its social impact and science mission, as well? To describe the impact of the disseminated knowledge is a consequent aim. A case study on energy conceptualization and its exhibitions in Society in Context is discussed; their correlations with education (pedagogical aspects included), science–techniques, industry and social impacts are discussed, as well. 


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Author Biography

Raffaele Pisano, Lille 3 University, Lille

Full Professor

Charles-de-Gaulle - Lille 3 University, Lille, FRANCE




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Pisano, Raffaele, Rémi Franckowiak, and Abdelakader Anakkar. 2017. “Reading Science, Technology and Education: A Tradition Dating Back to Science into the History and Historiography”. Transversal: International Journal for the Historiography of Science, no. 3 (December).