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The Journal welcomes rigorous work of theoretical, empirical, experimental, conceptual, or socio-technical nature in English. FKR is focused in research articles, but also accepts in-depth review articles. Special issues in Portuguese will be announced frequently.


Knowledge representation, artificial intelligence, ontologies, applied ontology, information science, information technology, computer science, information representation, information retrieval.


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Vol. 3 No. 2 (2023): Thematic Issue on Domain Modeling Foundations

Dossiê temática sobre modelagem
Guest Editor: prof. Carlos Marcondes

Published: 2023-09-19

Modeling Domains

A Review of Professional Skills, Practices, Methodologies, Technologies, and Representation Tools

Fernanda Farinelli, Amanda Damasceno de Souza, Marília de Abreu Martins de Paiva, Fabiola Aparecida Vizentim


Ontological and epistemological assumptions

influence on KOS

Linair Maria Campos, Nilson Theobald Barbosa


Domain modeling in conceptual maps

contributions of Dahlberg

Benildes Maculan, Maristela Sanches Lima Mesquita


Scientific domains representation and the relevance of metamodels:

Dahlberg’s Systematifier

Rosana Portugal Tavares de Moraes, Tatiana de Almeida, Maria Luiza de Almeida Campos, Hagar Espanha Gomes


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