Elena Badilla’s notebook and the work of Juan Guillermo Jara

reflections on musical and guitar-related activity in the city of Talcahuano at the beginning of the twentieth century





guitar in Chile, Sheet music notebooks, Elena Badilla, Juan Guillermo Jara, Musical activities in Talcahuano


Elena Badilla’s notebook is a private album dating from the beginning of the twentieth century that contains thirty-four pieces of sheet music for guitar. As well as pieces edited by renowned composers, it also contains some unpublished pieces apparently by Juan Guillermo Jara, a currently unknown composer. This article describes the advances that have been made in researching this source, exploring the social and cultural context of the guitar in Chile at the beginning of the twentieth century, with a specific emphasis on the city of Talcahuano, located to the south of Santiago. It also looks at the notebook as a material object, as well as carrying out a theoretical and musical analysis of the unpublished pieces initially attributed to Jara. The results shed light on guitar-related activity in the first decades of the nineteen hundreds.


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Author Biographies

Pablo Soto Hurtado, Metropolitan University of Sciences of Education, Chile

Guitar performer and researcher. Doctor of Arts from the Catholic University of Chile; Postgraduate Diploma in Music Performance from Trinity College of Music in London; Bachelor of Music in Guitar Performance from the Catholic University of Chile. As a soloist, he has developed an outstanding career with recitals in various countries in both Latin America and Europe. He has also been awarded in national and international guitar competitions. His areas of research are the history of classical guitar in Chile, the guitar technique, and the musical performance. He has presented his works at conferences and congresses in Chile, Brazil and Mexico, and has been published in diverse scholarly music journals. He is currently a faculty member at the Music Department of the Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences in Santiago, Chile.

Renato Serrano Muñoz, Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil

Classical guitarist and faculty member at the Music Department of the Federal University of Santa Maria (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) where he works as a teacher and researcher in undergraduate and graduate studies, and as Artistic Vice-Director of the Santa Maria Symphony Orchestra. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree (with emphasis in Guitar Performance) from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, a Master of Music from the University of Arizona, and a Doctorate in Musical Arts from the University of Arizona. As a classical guitar player, he has been acclaimed for his performances in various countries in both America and Europe. He has also won more than fifteen prizes in important international guitar competitions, including the First Prize in the "Andrés Segovia International Guitar Competition" (Almuñécar, Spain), the First Prize in the "José Tomás International Guitar Competition" (Petrer , Spain), and the Second Prize in the “Francisco Tárrega International Guitar Competition” (Benicassim, Spain).


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