Analyzing the expansion of timbric possibilities in the Concert Piece for timpani and orchestra by Mauricio Kagel




timbre, orchestration, instrumentation, timpani, Mauricio Kagel


The goal of this article is to pinpoint some effects that expand timbric possibilities for the use of timpani. For this purpose, the work Konzertstück fur Pauken und Orchester, by Mauricio Kagel, will be used as an example. This concert has been commented, above all, taking into account its scenic aspects, since Kagel acquired notoriety in the style known as musical theater. However, alongside these aspects determined for performance, the Concert Piece for Timpani and Orchestra presents innovative procedures related to timbric exploration on the timpani. These procedures, in addition to expanding the repertoire of possibilities specified in manuals and orchestration treatises, also present challenges to the instrument's performance technique. In this sense, this article considers the innovations created by the composer and proposes to expand the scope of procedures prescribed in the literature on writing for timpani.


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Author Biographies

Matheus Augusto Ribeiro, University of Brasília, Brazil

Matheus Ribeiro is a master student at the Graduate Program in Music at the University of Brasília and develops research related to the expansion of timbre possibilities of symphonic percussion in the orchestral repertoire. Matheus Ribeiro is a timpanist, percussionist and a drummer. He has performed as a percussionist in the main orchestras of Brasília, such as: Symphony Orchestra of the National Theater Cláudio Santoro OSTCNS, Symphonic Band of Brasília, Capital Philharmonia Orchestra and also the Adventist Orchestra of Brasilia. He also participated in the renowned Group Coral Cantus Firmus and played as a timpanist in several operatic productions with the Companhia de Ópera and independent productions in the scenario of Brasilia. As a drummer, he has worked in Finebrass (brass quintet) and in independent projects with brass and percussion.

Antenor Ferreira Correa, University of Brasília, Brazil

Antenor Ferreira Corrêa is a composer, percussionist, researcher and associate professor at the University of Brasília. He holds a postdoctoral degree from the Universidad de Granada, 2019 (Fundación Carolina y Grupo Tordesillas scholarship); postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Riverside, 2015 (CAPES scholarship); PhD in music from ECA-USP, 2009 (CAPES scholarship). He coordinated an exchange program with the University of Örebro, Sweden (2012- 2017) sponsored by the Linnaeus-Palme Programme. He is the author of the books "Post-tonal Harmonic Structures" (Edunesp, 2006) and "Musical Analysis as a compositional principle" (Ed. da UnB, 2015). He edited the book "Music, Speech and MInd" (ABCM, 2019). Producer of the DVDs "Dori Caymmi: declarations of a Brazilian" (UnBTV, 2015) and "Electroacoustic Music in Brazil" (TV Unicsul, 2008). Since 2018 he coordinates the Research Laboratory in Computational Art (MEDIALAB-UnB). He receives a grant (level PQ2) from the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development – CNPq.


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Ribeiro, Matheus Augusto, and Antenor Ferreira Correa. 2023. “Analyzing the Expansion of Timbric Possibilities in the Concert Piece for Timpani and Orchestra by Mauricio Kagel”. Per Musi 24 (March):1-16.



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