Fr. José Maurício

the individuality of his prosodic solutions

Keywords: José Maurício Nunes Garcia, Luso-brazilian colonial music, Sacred music, Musical prosody


We started with the systematic relation between prosodic accents and dissonant chords, discovered in a small choral music work of Fr. José Maurício Nunes Garcia, composed at his initial phase. We looked for this procedure on his choral works of the period, comparing them with other composers’ works of the same time who were working in Brazil. Finally, we tried to find the continuity of his interest for prosody, in two of his most important works, composed in later moments.


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Author Biography

Lutero Rodrigues da Silva, State University Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho (UNESP), Arts Institute of São Paulo - IAUNESP, Brazil

Professor of Regency and History of Music in Brazil, Department of Music of IAUNESP. Research area in the Post-Graduation: Historical Musicology.

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