Very brave little angels from José Maurício Nunes Garcia




Psalms, Early 19th century, Composition, Language and music, Musical structures


José Maurício Nunes Garcia wrote two pairs of Laudate Pueri Dominum and Laudate Dominum Omnes Gentes, in 1813, an 1821, respectively, in order to be performed together in these occasions. Procedure of composition shows that these musical works obeys to persuasive criteria and evolves linguistic concepts, for music and words, and cultural dimension that includes social and historical issues. These psalms keep dependence of comprehension each other. Both pairs shares infra-structural and frame issues, as the likely interpretations.


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Author Biography

Marcio Pascoa, State University of Amazonas, Brazil

Adjunct Professor at the State University of Amazonas, acting in the Graduation in Music and in the Post-Graduation Program in Arts and Letters. Coordinator of the Laboratory of Musicology and Cultural History. Musical director of the Baroque Orchestra of Amazonas.



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Pascoa, Marcio. 2019. “Very Brave Little Angels from José Maurício Nunes Garcia”. Per Musi, no. 39 (September):1-21.



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