A color which unbends the rainbow





Mixed music, Piano, Supercollider, Golden rate, Mouse writing


Having approximately 6’30” of length this piece was written in 2017 for piano and electronics. It has golden rate – and its ramifications like Fibonacci sequence – as an inspiration to organize harmony and form. Piano assumes a solo character and the electronics – operated by two performers in two PCs – mixes fixed sounds (written in Portuguese on the score) and live electronics synthesis generated by the SuperCollider software (these ones written in English) in both computers. Fixed sounds (birds, airplane, rain etc.) are mixed in real time by both electronic performers via a mixer while live electronics (synthesis) are controlled by computer mouse and also sent to the mixer. Piano elements are treated like “sound objects” which become denser, little by little, until reach two climaxes pre-established by the Fibonacci sequence.


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Author Biography

Danilo Bogo, Federal University of Latin American Integration, Brazil

He holds a bachelor's degree from the Unespar/Embap (Brazil), a master's degree from the University of Montreal (Canada), and a doctorate degree from the Federal University of Paraná (Brazil). From 2005 to 2007, he integrated “Embap’s Guitar Quartet”, performing several concerts in the south of Brazil. His research on music education aims to improve sight-reading performance on the guitar. Aside from being a researcher and guitarist, he develops intense work as a composer. In this regard, a highlight within his output is the mix of music and technology developed with the Coletivo Contackte - of which he is a member. In October 2018, Coletivo Contackte  gave a lecture-recital about music and technology in Latinoware. In 2016, Danilo Bogo had an excerpt of his song cycle “O amor que move o sol como as estrelas” premiered at Teatro Amazonas. In 2017, his work “Uma cor que desentorte o arco-íris” for piano and electronics was premiered in the “First Composition Encounter” at UNILA (Federal University for Latin American Integration). In 2018, he had his acousmatic piece “Objetos” premiered at the “Cê na Sexta” cycle promoted by Foz do Iguaçu Cultural Foundation. In 2020, he collaborated with film director Manu Reva to create the music for the art-video “Apagandô”. This video participated, in the same year, in the “Panorama das artes visuais da Bacia do Paraná 3” exhibition; and it was also selected to be part of the “Festival Atempoánea” in Buenos Aires. Currently, he works as a practical and technical music assistant at UNILA (Brazil). 


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