An Interview with Professor Susan McClary: The Development of Research on Gender and Music



Feminine Endings, women composers, gender and music, sexuality and music


Susan McClary is a Professor of Musicology and the author of Feminine Endings, one of the most influential books on feminist musicology, both in majority–English–speaking and non–majority English–speaking countries. Throughout her distinguished career she has addressed questions of how gender and sexuality relate to the study and analysis of classical and popular musics. This interview focuses on how she initially became interested in the field, reflections on research on music and gender as well as her analysis of key theoretical and empirical areas for the future of research. The interview was conducted in May 2018 by Sam de Boise (Örebro University, Sweden).


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Author Biographies

Sam de Boise, Örebro University, Sweden

Sam de Boise is a senior lecturer in musicology at the School of Music, theatre and Art (Örebro University, Sweden). His work explores strategies to work toward more gender equal spaces amongst music scenes and institutions, as well as looking at relationships between gender inequalities and modes of listening.  He is the author of Men, Masculinity, Music and Emotion (2015, Palgrave Macmillan).



Susan McClary, Case Western Reserve University, USA

Susan McClary is a Professor and Head of Musicology at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland OH, USA). She is best known for her book Feminine Endings: Music, Gender, and Sexuality (1991), which examines cultural constructions of gender, sexuality, and the body in various musical repertories, ranging from early seventeenth-century opera to the songs of Madonna. A collection of her most influential essays was commissioned from Ashgate with the title Reading Music: Selected Essays by Susan McClary (2007). An edited collection, Structures of Feeling in Seventeenth-Century Expressive Culture, appeared in 2013.




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