El centavo de navidad by Luis Antonio Calvo

Critical edition





Luis A. Calvo, El centavo de navidad, Critical edition, Hymn, Handwritten score


This article presents a critical edition of El centavo de navidad, a musical work by Colombian composer Luis Antonio Calvo (1882-1945). This composition is mentioned in music catalogues, archives, and repositories, but its score was not actually located in any of them up until now. The authors found a handwritten copy of it at the library of the School of Arts and Humanities at Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano (Medellín, Colombia), which explains their interest in this composition. The critical edition proposed here aims to reflect on the context of the work, its cataloging, and different modifications, derived from the manuscript editing process. Manco, Moreno and Palacios apply various methodological strategies typical of critical editing —such as ecdotics, heuristic, and hermeneutics—, all combined with analysis, interpretation, and critical reflection. The result is the first edition of the previously unpublished Calvo’s manuscript, which seeks to contribute to the consolidation of his catalogue. This edition makes the composition available to researchers, musicians, and enthusiasts of Colombian music.


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Author Biographies

Juan David Manco, Metropolitan Technological Institute (Colombia)

Ph.D. in Arts from the University of Antioquia. He has worked as a professor of theory, composition, and musical research in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the Fundación Universitaria Bellas Artes, Universidad Eafit, and the Universidad de Antioquia. Currently, he serves as a teaching researcher in the music programs at the Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano (ITM), where he conducts research processes related to musical analysis and forms of musical creation. Since 2020, he has been a member of the Society for Music Analysis (SATMUS) in Spain. His academic and research inquiries have focused on analyzing the contexts of contemporary music in the city of Medellín, Colombia, as well as constructing alternative methodological processes for analyzing the macroformal dimension of music. He has presented as a speaker at various national and international conferences and seminars related to music theory and analysis. The results of his research projects on music theory and analysis have been published in various articles and book chapters. As a composer, in addition to his catalog for various chamber and orchestral instrumental formats, he has created music for theater, contemporary dance, and digital imagery. His music has been performed in different countries in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Jamir Mauricio Moreno Espinal, Metropolitan Technological Institute (Colombia)

He is a career professor at the Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano (ITM), where he works as a teacher in the specialized unit for musical theory in the Technology in Musical Informatics and Professionalization in Recording Arts and Musical Production. He has a extensive track record as a professor in significant educational institutions such as the Universidad de Antioquia, the Universidad Adventista, and the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, among others. He holds a degree in Music Education from the Universidad Adventista  and studied at the conservatory of the Universidad de Antioquia. He is a Specialist in Arts with an emphasis on Composition from the Universidad de Antioquia. Currently, he holds a Master's degree in Cultural Management from the Universidad de Antioquia. His most notable productions include: two teaching methods for the keyboard, three record productions with children's compositions, three music software for mobile devices, four articles in specialized journals, and a research book about the life of Marta Agudelo Villa.

Mariantonia Palacios, Metropolitan Technological Institute (Colombia)

A musician from Caracas, she graduated as a pianist and composer from the national conservatories Juan Manuel Olivares and Juan José Landaeta, respectively. As a musicologist, she trained at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Arts and a Master's degree in Latin American Musicology. She also holds a Magister Artium from the Universidad de Costa Rica. With over forty years as a teacher and researcher, she is a full professor at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV) and Universidad Simón Bolívar (USB), and a guest lecturer at the Universidad Metropolitana (UNIMET) and the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR). She was the titular director of the Choir of the Teresa Carreño Theater, the School of Arts (UCV), and the National Opera Company of Costa Rica. For over ten years, she was a producer and presenter of the radio programs "Compositores de América" (National Radio of Venezuela) and "Tema con Variaciones" (Capital Radio). Currently, she is the National Academic Coordinator of the Yamaha Academies in Colombia, a professor at the Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano of Medellín (ITM), and maintains an active schedule as a performer and lecturer. She also works on the development of the Juan Meserón Virtual Musicological Library, in collaboration with a team of professors and students from UCV, and is the curator of various music editorial collections linked to her research lines. Her books and articles have received awards and distinctions at both national and international levels. As a pianist, she has specialized in the interpretation of Venezuelan and Latin American music, and has recorded several albums with this repertoire.


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